Different types of Pocket stamps

Stamps are vital and part and parcel of our lives because of their useful application in important official dealings or activities that people have to undertake. Stamps are used by government agencies, institutions or businesses to officiate documents such as certificates, ownership of properties or transfer of ownership documents. Additionally, stamps have become so important such that any Singapore rubber stamp maker have mastered crucial techniques to avail different pocket stamps for convenience.

There are three known types of pocket stamps, and they include:

1. Self-inking stamp: They are cost-effective and easy to use. Its stamping position appears automatically when its cover is opened. The self-ink stamp saves time because it has an already pre-loaded ink in the device. The cover has a text plate with the right size that is very convenient because of its portable nature especially when the need to travel to another geographical location arises. That also makes it easy for business or government agency activities to be efficiently conducted outside the office premises and still avail another stamp to be used at the office. In some instances, it is possible for one to find a Singapore rubber stamp maker with customized pocket stamps plus desired colors for one to choose.

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2. Pre-inked stamps: This type of pocket stamp requires to be filled with ink by the user before using. It does not require any ink pads, and its usage is quite easy as well as convenient. A Singapore rubber stamp can make a pre-inked stamp in different shapes and various colors for clients to pick their desired ones. Pre-inked stamps should always be used with caution because using the wrong ink can dry out your stamp.

3. Pocket Rubber stamps: The traditional rubber stamps have also been made available in a convenient portable pocket stamps. They are very easy and convenient to use as well. All one is required to do is to make contact with a different rubber ink pad and stamp on the document easily. That makes it easier to be used by the organization employees to carry out official duties whenever they are outside the office premises.

It is quite convenient when one chooses to use pocket stamps because of the several advantages of having them. These advantages include:

They are portable and can be easily carried to be used in another location away from the office, and that allows office work to be conducted outside whenever it’s necessary. Their convenience and uncomplicated designs makes them easy to use for the owners. Can be used to enhance timely work completion. That is possible when one requests a fellow staff member or employees to stamp the documents that require immediate dissemination from the office.

In most cases they are usually cheap when looking for such designs when compared with value and convenience it brings to the operation of an official activity. Pocket stamps make it easy for office staff to carry out their duties after the normal working hours or over the weekend without necessarily going to their place of work to meet deadlines. All of the above pocket stamps are very beneficial, and any expert in a Singapore rubber stamp maker company will admit the market for pocket stamps. Their demand has also been influenced by the rise of briefcase companies or offices because of the ease with which one can travel from one geographical location to another.

Posted on: October 15, 2015

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