Do you need to include company registration on rubber stamps?

A company stamp is served as a purpose of bringing convenience for one as well as a standardized account for all. Depending on the purpose of the stamp, company registration is not a necessary to be included on rubber stamps.

Generally, there are many companies whose names are similar to each other and making it easy for anyone to mislead just by reading the company names itself. A company registration (UEN) is a unique set of numbers and alphabets that represents the company. These set of numbers are set to give an understanding of what the nature of the company is. For example,  if the company is a private company (PTE LTD), “52XXXXXXC” will be shown. If the company is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), “LL0XXXXXXJ” will appear as their registration number. Therefore, users usually would prefer including their company registration inside their rubber stamps as to decrease the possibility of confusion as well as unnecessary trouble.

In fact, these numbers are often used by the Government officials for documenting purposes. They would require a company’s registration in any official document and therefore, it would definitely be less troublesome when one abide with the Government’s way of documentation and of course, the word “forgotten” will definitely be out of the excuse list.

However, having it common does not necessarily mean that it is a must. Companies may alternatively include a logo instead of a company’s registration. In this way, it also serve as a purpose of making one’s company distinct in order to avoid any confusion. Considering that the company stamp is in the size of a typical 19mm in circumference, sometimes, having a logo too small for the eyes to see, especially when the stamp is in a single color, would probably make it meaningless.

Therefore, it is highly encouraged for one to include registration number inside their stamp, although it is not a must.


Posted on: February 7, 2014

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