Eco friendly rubber stamps- 5 reasons to use them


Increased awareness towards the harmful effects us humans are causing to the environment have sparked off movements focused on alleviating the situation. Throughout the years, these movements have gradually grown in scale as more and more people began joining in and playing a part. One of the most popular methods of doing so would be to start using eco friendly products.

  1. Dry safe

Most environmentally friendly rubber stamps come with a dry safe element. This ensures that even when left without a lid on for days, the ink in your rubber stamp does not dry out quickly, promoting a longer shelf life. This way, you wouldn’t have to spend extra to keep either replacing them or having them re-inked.

  1. Recyclable

Eco friendly rubber stamps are manufactured from recyclable materials and therefore will be able to be recycled after it’s shelf life to be reconstructed into something else. This way, there would be lesser wastage and the need to constantly replace parts will reduce as well.

  1. Water-based ink

Water-based ink do not contain toxic chemicals and are easily cleaned from the surfaces of printers. They are also ideal as they contain an extremely absorbent quality. A wide variety of water-based inks can be chosen from depending on the best available option, the best thing about these types of ink are that they can be manufactured for different types of print application, including rubber stamps.

  1. Non-toxic

Eco friendly rubber stamps are quite often non-toxic, and so that makes them safer to use for you and your children too. This is especially beneficial for colleagues who are dealing with administration duties and require the usage of rubber stamps constantly.

Make sure to do some research before you invest in one however, as non-toxic products are not always a guaranteed 100% safe. While it does not give you health problems immediately, there are certain components in a product that can build up and cause damage to health over time. Especially for long term users.

  1. Reusable

Eco-friendly rubber stamps are also available in types that are re-usable. Built to create numerous impressions, the manufacturers have also considered wastage reduction in the process. Therefore, eco-friendly rubber stamps are made to be refilled with ease. In that way, you save both the money needed to buy ink pads and also reduce the amount of waste you make.

Posted on: August 13, 2015

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