Effectively Clean Your Rubber Stamps In 5 Steps

Rubber Stamp Maker

When it comes to rubber stamps, maintenance is as important as storage! Sadly enough, not everyone has access to this information so here are ways to clean and preserve your rubber stamps in tip top condition!

1. Remove dust or Lint

Over time, dust or lint may gather on your unused rubber stamps. An easy way of removing said dust flecks is to make use of tape- the sticky side of the tape to be specific. For effective removal, press your stamp on the sticky end of tape, the rest of the dust will be captured by it’s adhesive layer.

2. Remove dried or hardened ink

Let the rubber end of your rubber stamps be held under hot running water so that it can dissolve the hardened ink left on your rubber stamp. Make sure to hold it there until the water is clear- all the excess ink has been removed. Rinse your rubber stamp and shake to remove excess water droplets, then dry with a towel preferably.

3. Remove fresh ink

Before you do this, it is important to know if you are using pigment ink or dye ink. Dye inks are prone to staining the rubber stamp so make sure your rubber stamp is cleaned immediately once you finish using, whereas pigment inks can be easily cleaned with water.

Get a bowl of warm soap water and dip only the rubber portion of your rubber stamp ink. Get either a spare cloth for cleaning or an old tooth brush- the bristles can get into crevices a lot easier than other material and lightly scrub until the ink is scrubbed clean.

4. Delicate handling

If you think that the adhesive portion of the rubber stamp may come loose with the above way of washing, then you can opt to use wet wipes instead. Baby wipes or cleaning wipes are recommended because they do not have alcohol or aloe substances in them- which is ideal because both substances can affect the rubber of your rubber stamp. After you are done getting the ink out, please make sure to dab dry by pressing against a towel!

5. Stubborn clots

If you have exhausted all means and there’s still ink on your rubber stamps messing up the design, you can actually visit craft dedicated stores and get yourself a stamp cleaner after making sure it’s appropriate for the kind of rubber stamp you own.

And there you have it, simple but effective steps to undertake when cleaning your rubber stamps! They should be able to keep your rubber stamps nice and clean! Remember to store your rubber stamps away after you are done!

Posted on: June 30, 2016

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