How to effectively use rubber stamps on curved surfaces


Rubber stamps are one of the best tools you can have in your possession, be it for official reasons or for crafting purposes. The versatility of rubber stamps is not to be estimated, there’s just so much one can accomplish if they own good quality rubber stamps. However, while rubber stamps are compatible with most materials, there are some materials that can be tricky and require a different technique in terms of application. For example- Curved surfaces.

Rubber stamps require a firm platform or surface to be stamped on in order to ensure even distribution of ink. And curved surfaces are tricky since they lack the balance one needs- it can be so easy for pressure to slip when it comes to a curved edge, especially if the curved object is movable. So here’s what you can do to accommodate curved surfaces with rubber stamps:

For curved surfaces, smaller rubber stamps are better when stamping on curved surfaces compared to large rubber stamps. If you have a design for curved surfaces, it may be more prudent to build patterns that stem from smaller rubber stamp images instead of one large image.

Take care not to over ink your rubber stamp, since you will need to apply your rubber stamp and gently rock it over curved surfaces so the inked image of your rubber stamp is transferred evenly. The excess ink on your rubber stamp may make the process more difficult since chances of it slipping is higher. Achieving a perfect balance with ink can be rather challenging when it comes to curved surfaces so if necessary, do a few test prints on scrap material to determine the actual pressure you will need.

You can also opt to go for unmounted stamps instead. Unlike usual circumstances, unmounted rubber stamps actually work best in this case since they are not as rigid as mounted rubber stamps and you can make full use of your grip to press the stamp side to the curved surfaces. If there are gaps, you can fill them in with marker pens to complete the design.

If you would rather not risk it, another good alternative would be to stamp onto thin material like tissue paper and stick it to the curved surface instead to transfer ink or simply stick it there.

Posted on: August 17, 2017

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