How Beneficial Do Accounting Firm Use Rubber Stamps?

Company rubber stamps have different types of uses that help those accounting big firms. Accounting firm usually have different department, for example, purchase department, sales department and human resource department. It is understood that different firms owes different types of department stamps. Normally rubber stamp comes with different shapes and sizes. Company can design it depending on the size of the wording and can add designs too.

Human resource department would stamp account payee when issuing their salary cheque to the employees every month. The benefit of account payee stamp represents that it is only payable to the particular employee.

Accounting department will be in charge of updating of accounts data and preparing of financial statements and reports. Accounting firm normally will do a financial statement at the end of every month whether the accounting figure is debited or credited correctly. Accounting firm normally need rubber stamps like approved for payment, pay partially, fully paid or closing entry.

It is also beneficial for accounting firm to use those stamps to stamp on their documents so that when the accountant is urgently looking for their documents, the accountant will exactly know which one is fully paid or partially paid.

Accountant should also check if there is any outstanding payment. If there is outstanding payment, accountant can send out letter to those creditors whom owe the company money and also remind them for payment. It will be much easier and it helps saves lots of time too rather than delaying the payment debts.

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Posted on: March 24, 2014

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