How long does it take to make a common seal in Singapore?


In Singapore, a common seal generally takes up to 4 days to make a one as it involves the common seal designer needing to email to the customer for company seal artwork approval. After customer have confirmed to the artwork, the designer will need to send to the production side to use laser cutter machines to engrave on the bronze plate. Once the engraving of the plates is done, we need to give at least 1 hour for the common seal bronze plates to cool down. That cooling down process is an important process in making to common seal in order to ensure alignment of the bronze plates correctly aligned before applying permanent adhesive on the bronze plates to affix on metal holders.


There are some common seal makers in Singapore capable of making common seals within 1 working day but charges could go as high as $198. That is the fastest collection time available in Singapore. Comparing the time taken to make self inking rubber stamps and common seal, self inking rubber stamps only takes 30 minutes to make one. Reason being, rubber stamp machinery can manufactures the rubber stamp within 15 minutes after customers approves to the artwork for self inking rubber stamp fabrication.


A common seal is not used in daily business operations as common seal is only used on share certificates and deeds mainly legal documents whereas a self inking stamp is in many kinds of paperwork for a business. With greater demand of self ink rubber stamps, manufacturers have therefore designed rubber stamp machines to allow a shorter lead time to make 1 self ink rubber stamps.

Posted on: January 20, 2014


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