How much does it cost to make a self ink stamp & rubber stamp in Singapore?

If you are new to doing business in Singapore, and wish to find out the pricing of self inking stamps & rubber stamps in Singapore, you have come to the right place.



Price of the self inking stamps or rubber stamp depends primarily on the lead-time needed to make the stamp, number of ink colors to be used in the stamp as well as the complexity of your stamp artwork. Typically, those stamps with company logo will need a well-verse rubber stamp designer to convert the logo in CYMK format to a black and white format in order to create the optimum artwork to fabricate the company stamp.

Cost is generally lower if you are willing to wait for a longer period (from 1 days to 3 days) in order for you to collect the company stamp. If you need the company stamp urgently, the rubber stamp maker will be charging a fee of $19 to $40 for express fees on top of the rubber stamp cost. A rubber stamp will cost lesser compared to a self inking stamp as it’s material cost is cheaper. If the lead-time is 1 to 3 working days, but you need a company stamp urgently, be it self inking stamp or rubber stamp, a self inking stamp will cost cheaper. This is because the technology used to make a self inking stamp allows self ink stamps to be made within an hour for most self ink stamps maker in Singapore.

Last point to note here, whenever it comes to making a self inking stamp, if you like to have 2 colors on the stamp impression, the cost the self ink stamp higher whereas the 2 or multi-color option will not be available in the case of a rubber stamp.

As a suggestion, if you are particular about your company’s image, maybe you can make a company stamp with 2 colors as the stamp impression will look professional to your clients as well as suppliers too.


Posted on: February 1, 2014

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