How to make a rubber stamp?

Do you think rubber stamps cannot be made at home? If you think it this way, then you are certainly wrong. We will be discussing about making a rubber stamp at home, its making process and what materials you are going to require for making of the rubber stamps.

You first need to buy a set of DIY rubber stamp letterings from a stationery shop nearby, permanent adhesive and a water-based stamp pad. First, you need to pick the rubber stamp letters to form the wordings needed to make the rubber stamp, and get the rubber stamp holder ready. Apply a thin layer of permanent adhesive onto rubber stamp holder, and use a pincer to stick each piece of rubber stamp letters onto the stamp till the desired information is completed.

Then let the adhesive dry overnight. Generally, air movements will shorten the drying process significantly. A prudent way is to let the rubber stamp dry overnight in an upright position.

Apart from buying the rubber stamp letters and do it yourself at home, you can also craft wooden stamps from home as a hobby or as an art handicraft.To make wooden stamps, you would need wood pieces from handicraft shops, pencil, glossy paint, sand paper and wood craving tools.

First you would draw out the outlines of the wooden stamp handle as well as the stamp area, then start craving on the wooden stock.

Once the wooden handle shape is finalized, you would then use sand paper to smooth the sharp surfaces and edges. Blow the dust off the wooden handle, and start to paint on the wooden stamp’s handle. Allow three to four hours for the glossy paint on the wooden handle to dry and a wooden stamp is done.


Posted on: January 23, 2014

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