How to make fun stamps for children?

Making stamps with kids can really be fun. Actually, everyone who made potato stamps when young can

attest to the feeling of instantaneous gratification after carving out tiny shapes and getting the

wonderful effect on paper. Making unique stamps for children is inexpensive and enjoyable. It is an incredible way for young ones to ‘put a stamp’ on artwork, wrapping paper or cards. For best results, ask children to create a stamp, but handle the carving part.

In the realm of crafts and arts ideas for young ones, rubber stamps definitely rank high up there. For a good reason too- using stamps is effortless for little hands. Undoubtedly, the results are more than magical for children.

Do your kids love stamping? Most children do! Every rubber stamp maker in Singapore will agree that there is so much fun in pounding a stamp repeatedly between a paper and stamp pad or dipping a stamp inside a puddle of paint. Because they are so into this activity, the million-dollar question still remains, which is the best way to make fun stamps for children?

Because kids love random household items, they would be the best to work with. Moreover, these items are easily customizable to perfectly match the interests and likes of your child. Here are some ways to make fun stamps for children using available items around the house:

Look around the drawers, cupboards etc for things that would make an incredible stamper. Select items that could be easy for the little ones to grip. Those with a flat surface (s) are the best.

Wine cork stamps

Around most houses exist a bucket full of corks utilized for dropping, sorting, and fine motor activities. Corks on their own make excellent stampers. By simply dipping them in paint, they can be used to stamp polka dots on to crafts. They will unquestionably look pretty after using glue to foam some pieces onto them.

Use bottle lids to make homemade stamps

Bottle tops are readily available in most homes. In fact, some people have containers full of bottle tops. Taking a foam shape and using glue to stick it to a bottle cap.

Using a wood block to make fun stamps

For sure, wooden blocks make exceptional stampers. This is because they are easy for tiny hands to hold. Additionally, one can glue foam pieces to more than a single side. The result is a stylish and child-friendly wooden stamper.

Transform a spool into a stamp

A plastic spool is another favourite among children. Kids love it for stacking, lacing, and sorting. With a foam piece perfectly glued to the end, there is no doubt that plastic spools make incredible stampers on their own.

Styrofoam blocks make admirable stamps

Styrofoam is super awesome for construction purposes. Use craft sticks and golf tees to make breath-taking Styrofoam structures. With a tiny block of Styrofoam, making amazing fun stamps for children is a walk in the park. Glue foam shapes to each side.

Finding safe, fun, and successful ways for kids to make stamps feels extra satisfying. With available materials at home, making stamps has never been easy. Just follow the above steps and put a smile on a young one.

Posted on: February 18, 2016

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