How to make signature stamps


Technology has made it easy for us to perform various tasks in life. Quality customised signature stamps can potentially help you reduce the amount of time you require to spend on your workload. For example, someone in a high position (CEO, directors etc) may have to sign a large amount of documents in order to authorize certain procedures for authentication.

With a signature stamp, they can cut down the amount of time they waste by simply stamping the documents instead of having to go through the effort and strain of signing all of them.

To create a signature stamp- a clear consistent (non-changing) signature has to be produced to be sampled. Produce a clean sheet of paper, white whenever possible and make a few examples of your signature until you have the desired one. It is preferable to use a fine pointed pen when you do.

When you’re able to scale your signature stamp to the size you want, consider outsourcing the task to the professionals, who can produce the stamp for you at lower prices and even deliver in some cases. If not, you can always start experimenting with hand made carved rubber stamps- simply mount the piece onto wood for easy stamping purposes.

The use of the digital signature is, however, constrained as it leaves the mandate of deciding if such a signature is legitimate to the courts. The validity of a signature is however only a key issue when it comes to issues to do with contract disputes and the ultimate resolution of such disputes. The signature stamp can be effectively used in your day to day operations.

After which, scan the signature into a file and enable easy editing by saving it as a PNG to get rid of the excess white space around your signature. Once you have your desired signature sample, you can download any free stamp template to create a layout for your stamp so that you can go ahead with producing it.

There are some company stamp makers in Singapore that have the option of allowing customers to design their own stamps using an online application or template located in their website, like Company Stamp Singapore Pte. Ltd. This saves you the trouble of having to go all the way down personally in order to design it.

Posted on: December 17, 2015

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