How to re-ink self inking stamps?


Opening the cover for the company stamp (Fig. 1.1)


A stamp refill (Fig.1.2)

  • Before starting on the journey of re-ink self inking stamps, prepare the following items in fig. 1.1 and fig 1.2.
  • After which, open up the purple cover for the company stamp.
  • Unscrew the ink bottle cap and drip 3 -4 drops of ink into the company stamp.
  • Let the company stamp stand upright for 2 hours in order for the rubber stamp foam to fully absorb the ink.
  • The company stamp is now re-inked and good to reuse.
  • Our company stamps are durable and reusable, so remember to buy company stamps and ink-refills from us when you visit us next time!


Posted on: February 17, 2014

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