How useful can companies use rubber stamps?

Singapore Rubber Stamps

Wonder why companies used rubber stamps more often? The is because they have a lot of invoices, purchase and sales orders to be deal with. Every invoice they need to let their receiver sign, most of the invoices are very messy as the receiver tends to signs it everywhere. With the rubber stamps, the receiver can sign it within the range so that the invoices will be more systematic and neater. It will also give the company a good impression. Companies may call or come down to order the stamps.

The making of stamps is express and the time needed for collection is approximately less than 10 minutes and can be collected at the same working day. The self-inking stamp pad needs 3-5 hours to absorb before using it.

Companies may also customize their choices of stamps with their own preference. Most of the companies have their own style of designing their rubber stamp using wording such as please sign here, received, urgent, owing, payment due etc. Depending on the company, some may even design something unique which other companies might not have.

Words like owing, urgent and payment due are very serious as it is due for payment. As a result, the rubber stamp ink should be in red color. It will give the customers know that it is important and to take note about the payment due date. Words like received or issued will be in either black or blue ink, represents something that you have received or sent out. It indicates that the customers have already gotten the documents.

The companies can based on the types of ink stamp that they have stamp to really let people know which is more important and urgent. With all the 3 types of ink color stamp which mentioned above, it will definitely help and let companies have a better view of understanding what rubber stamps is all about.


Posted on: March 11, 2014

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