Laser Engrave Your Rubber Stamp Design In 5 Steps

Laser Rubber Stamp

You don’t necessarily have to approach professional manufacturers in order to create your rubber stamps. If you have a laser engraving machine, you can create your own rubber stamp design in just 5 steps. Here’s how:

1. Preparation

There are some materials you have to get beforehand, and those include: A laser engraver, an editing software, stamp mount to mount your rubber stamp on, editing software and a rubber pad. Make sure your rubber pad is made of natural rubber. There are only specific rubber types that are suitable for laser engraving. Don’t substitute the rubber with non-vulcanised rubber as it creates toxic fumes when you laser cut it. If you don’t know which rubber pads to choose, get a shop assistant’s advice.

2. Create

Using adobe photoshop, illustrator or the editing program of your choice, design your own rubber stamp structure. Keep in mind the size of your rubber pad and the size of the stamp you want and use that as a guideline to keep your design in the right size. Try to make your lines as clear and as precise as you need them to be.

3. Set up

For easy engraving, retain the original copy of your rubber stamp design and invert the colours, creating an inverse image. Then use a vertical axis reflection. Make sure to set the correct width of the lines you want ( how thick you want them to be cut) and also do the same for the lines that are to be engraved.

4. Engrave

Once you have accomplished all steps above, you can now engrave your image. Let the laser engraving machine process the information and perform the engraving but make sure that everything is safe and that there are no mishaps. Let it run as smoothly as possible.

5. Mount

This step is optional but it is advised to mount your rubber stamps as it helps with even ink distribution and makes it easier to stamp. Glue the underside of your rubber pad to a wooden block or your mount and weigh it down. Leave it there for a while and once the glue dries, you should have a successfully mounted rubber stamp.

So here a guideline on how to laser engrave your rubber stamps in less than 5 steps. Quick, organised and simple to achieve as long as you have a laser engraving machine.

Posted on: July 28, 2016

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