Number Stamps – 5 Things To Note

Apart from self inking rubber stamps, another common rubber stamp type would be number stamps. These rubber stamps are not only used by scrapbook enthusiasts but also as office supplies- for good reason. Here’s 5 things to note about number stamps:

Number Rubber Stamp

  1. Function

Number stamps are typically manufactured with an average of 1-5 wheels, with numbers and alphabets. Users will have to manually set the wheels to the digit they want to use before they stamp the numbers down upon material. This can be done in different ways, but the most common would be to turn the wheels and set it using either rollers or tabs.

  1. Uses

Number stamps are normally mostly used as office supplies to clearly label and record event dates and more on legal documents. They can however, also be used as indicators, on scrapbooks and even in different DIY crafts. Number stamps can also be used on events as organised marks like concerts, events, and activities.

  1. Benefits

Number stamps are well suited for daily office uses and capable of making clean imprints without any mess. They are durable and long lasting, with replacement pads when ink runs dry. They also come with additional character bands so if you wish to change certain sections, you can easily do so without having to invest in more or ask a professional for help.

  1. Prices

Number stamps are widely accessible and can be purchased through local rubber stamp providers. Their prices range from as affordable as $28 and less or as expensive as $100+ depending on the user’s requirements for customisation and other factors. However, if you are a local corporation, you could probably stand to get number stamps at a lot more affordable rates when looking for SME friendly designing prices.

  1. Additional supplies

Depending on the type of number stamps the user buys, they can sometimes come with additional supplies. Users can purchase these additional supplies from rubber stamp providers as well. The supplies that usually come with number stamps are ink pads, additional character bands, additional mounts and more.

These are the 5 things to know about number stamps. Number stamps are universally used and can be purchased virtually anywhere that sells rubber stamps. For proper maintenance and other factors, it is recommended to ask the local stamp providers first before making a purchase.

Posted on: November 21, 2016

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