Organic ink stamps and their benefits


Ever wondered why you’re left with a dizzy, disorientating headache after a while of using stamps? That, my friends, is mostly because of your exposure to the ink that’s in the stamp pads. The headaches that you are feeling is an immediate health side effect caused by your body’s reactions to the chemical components of the ink.

Why compromise your own health when there are other far environmentally friendly, non-toxic and healthier alternatives capable of achieving the same effect?

Here’s a number of reasons why you should consider switching over to organic ink stamps:

  1. Non-toxic

Organic ink stamps typically make use of soy-based ink, water-based ink or vegetable-based ink. These alternative choices of ink do not cause health problems to people as the production and usage of these inks do not release much toxic Volatile Organic Compounds.

In fact, statistics have proven that in companies that deal heavily with print and other related services, the amount of employees who reported health problems like headaches or feeling dizzy have since decreased after switching to organic ink stamps. This way, it improves everyone’s overall productivity and so, will bring about positive changes to the company’s performance.

  1. Lower rub off

Soy-based ink stamps in particular are more resistant when it comes to smearing and rubbing due to it’s levels of high absorbency so you don’t have to worry about accidentally ruining the document by smearing it.

  1. Colour vibrancy

The ink in organic stamps often produce nicer colours compared to other ink types, especially soy-based ink. Soy-based ink stamps possess deeper and richer colours as it has a lighter consistency, and therefore will display a different look on paper. It is especially great for brighter colours.

  1. Easy to recycle

Some organic ink stamps contain ink that can be removed easily on paper during a recycling process, which could then allow the paper to be recycled into brand new papers, effectively preventing wastage.

Furthermore, it is also easy to renew since the rate in which soybeans and related vegetables required to produce organic ink are grown at a faster pace. Even if you are unable to get a specific type of ink, it is very possible that you can mix and match different plant inks to produce a satisfactory type.

  1. Cost

Organic inks are often cheaper than other kinds. As prices of the inks are calculated based on the pigments they use in the ink, organic inks are more affordable compared to other counterparts as the colour they produce is already much more vivid and therefore less ink is needed in one imprint.

With all the benefits it brings, more and more people have been joining the trend and replacing old stamps with organic ink ones. Find it hard to believe that something could bring about this many advantages? Why not purchase one and be pleasantly surprised?

Posted on: August 20, 2015

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