Pocket Common Seals VS Desk Seals – Which Is Better?

Corporate Common Seal
The long debate between pocket common seals VS table seals has been one long discussed from a long period of time ago. Exactly which one is superior? How do you decide which one is better for you? Find out here.

Pocket common seals and table seals are both considered office supplies, both fulfilling the same objective in sealing and authorising legal corporation documents like deeds. With many similarities, it can be hard to discern between the two of them, but one can do so by considering these factors.

  1. Size

When it comes to size and weight, pocket common seals are often a lot lighter compared to their counterpart. The table seal, commonly known as desk seals, were made for more heavy duty work, and so are heavier and sturdier compared to pocket common seals. Pocket common seals is easier to carry around and transport even when outdoors so that’s one advantage.

  1. Shelf life

As a whole, desk seals are a lot more longer to sustain and keep compared to pocket common seals. If you are looking for value and long term use, then desk seals are ideal. So if you invest on desk seals and use it on a daily basis, it could be worth your investment. If you are working on limited funding, you can choose to get a pocket common seal. This allows you to get to your legal documents while still being able to cut down on expenditure. You can also store and replace parts of the pocket common seal if need be.

In conclusion, both pocket common seals and desk seals are both useful in different aspects. The deciding factor is on your frequency of use for yourself- are you working with common seals every day? Will you be required to travel elsewhere and affix your common seal? Do you find yourself using these seals often? If you have limited expenses but prefer travel friendly common seals, then pocket common seals would work for you. However, if you have limited expenses and rely on the use of common seals often, then a desk seal would be more suitable for you.

  1. Assembly

Assembly for both are similar. While desk seals are a lot bulkier compared to pocket common seals, their construct are similar with each other. Desk seals are easier to find and deliver already assembled whereas pocket common seals are easily assembled/disassembled.

  1. Production time

The manufacturing of a desk seal takes up 3-5 days on an average, from designing to actual manufacturing and delivery. Creating pocket common seals take a little less time since the materials used to create a pocket common seal is more manageable. Pocket common seals typically take up to 2-3 days from designing, customising and producing it.

Posted on: December 1, 2016

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