Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps VS Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Pre-inked rubber stamps and self inking rubber stamps have been introduced and thriving in the market for a very long time. But how do you know the difference in their performance and how would you know which is the best possible option for you? Learn to choose between pre-inked rubber stamps and self inking rubber stamps by comparing them with these factors.

Self Inking Stamp Ink

1. Image Quality

One of the main differences between pre-inked rubber stamps and self inking rubber stamps are the quality of stamped impressions. Pre-inked rubber stamps are the clear winner when it comes to producing impressions that are crisp, solid and top notch in quality whereas self inking rubber stamps produce good impressions that are sufficient but lacking in the crispness pre-inked rubber stamps can produce. This is because the ink has long been infused into the rubber part of pre-inked rubber stamps whereas self inking rubber stamps work with a spring system.


Self inking rubber stamps are the more economical option compared to pre-inked rubber stamps. So if you are looking for good quality rubber stamps to sustain you in your daily office operations, self inking rubber stamps would be the best option. Self inking rubber stamps are always recommended to new start up corporations with limited spending budget.

3. Impressions

Pre-inked rubber stamps take the lead when it comes to the number of impressions each stamp can make. The average amount of impressions pre-inked rubber stamps are able to make would be roughly around 50 000 impressions before running out of ink whereas self inking rubber stamps are capable of making roughly 10 000 impressions. From the sheer difference in numbers, it is clear to see that pre-inked rubber stamps are capable of making more impressions.


Both of them are similar in a way due to the fact that they are both designed to be refillable, so you can simply replace the ink once they run out and keep reusing the rubber stamps until their rubber stamp pads require replacing. They can also come in a range of different colours according to the user’s wishes. These rubber stamps can also be easily customised with designs so in terms of this area, both types of rubber stamps are beneficial. Neither of them are recommended for glossy material either since their inks are not typically quick drying.

5. Differences

Self inking rubber stamps are made using water-based ink whereas pre-inked rubber stamps are used with oil-based ink. While both are fairly long lasting, oil-based ink are still more permanent compared to water-based ink.

Posted on: November 10, 2016

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