Professional Rubber Stamp Manufacturing Process Simplified In 5 Steps

Rubber Stamp Maker

We’ve all seen the rubber stamps manufactured by rubber stamp providers and also those in the market. We’ve all probably had the opportunity to use some of them too. But have you ever wondered how professional rubber stamps are made? The process of rubber stamp manufacturing is surprisingly complex.

Here’s how it’s done:

After creating a design for the rubber stamp, the design is either drawn digitally using professional editing programs like Adobe Photoshop or photographed clearly, copied and transferred to an aluminium plate. The aforementioned plate is then soaked in acid, so that it’s corroded with the design etched onto it.

Once that is complete, the manufacturer will then select a sheet of resin or plastic and place it over the plate with the design. This is transferred to a rubber stamp press where a mold will be made against the resin or plastic sheet with heat and pressure from the rubber stamp press. The manufacturer will then place in a rubber sheet so that the rubber stamp press will be able to create the final image onto the rubber.

The rubber mold is then left to cool.  After which, once the mold has been sufficiently cooled, they are usually transferred and stuck to wood mounts or other assorted material for easy stamping. The manufacturer will precisely and delicately cut out the rubber sheets to form the stamp without damaging the design of the rubber mold. Some manufacturers make use of a clicker press to cut the rest of the details since the design would be sharper and cleaner.

The process of creating a professional rubber stamp requires a lot of patience and a keen eye for detail. But once you have gotten the basics, you will be able to create crisp, functional and good quality rubber stamps in a short amount of time thanks to the advancement in technology.

Posted on: July 14, 2016

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