Replace The Rubber Portion Of Your Self Inking Rubber Stamp In 5 Steps

Prolonged use of your self inking rubber stamp over the years can cause the rubber cut edges to become dull, resulting in a drop of quality in your stamped image. Here’s how you can replace the rubber portion of your self inking rubber stamp in 5 steps:

Self Inking Rubber Stamp Portion

1. Re-order

Self inking rubber stamps can have their rubber portions replaced. Re-order a new rubber die for your self inking rubber stamp, preferably through the same rubber stamp provider. This way, you will be able to tell the size and cut of the new rubber stamp die you need to get according to the product title/number you have bought or get their advice.


Press your self inking rubber stamp down gently so that the ink pad slot is visible. Holding it in that position, remove the ink pad from the slot. Using a cloth and scrap paper, stamp and clean until the residue ink have been removed so that there will be no additional smudges. Once done, you can now lock the self inking rubber stamp to hold it in position.


Depending on your self inking rubber stamp model type, there will usually be a lock/slide button on the back of your self inking rubber stamp, or little buttons on the side to push in that can hold or release your rubber stamp structure. Locate these buttons and lock your self inking rubber stamp in place so that you will be able to easily insert the new ink pad later. Reduce any and all smudges left by residue ink.

4. Re-insert

Once you have removed the sticky layer of the rubber die away from the text plate, you can now reinsert a new one by peeling off the backing tape. Line up the die the way it had been and insert the new one into the text plate so that it can fit snugly. Press down against paper to slide it all the way in and unlock the position of your self inking rubber stamp.


Once you have finished, test your self inking rubber stamp against scrap paper to make sure that your newly inserted rubber die is working fine, and that ink distribution is even. If everything goes well, you should be able to use your self inking rubber stamp again as per normal.

Posted on: November 3, 2016

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