Requirements Needed When Creating Company Stamp In Singapore

A company stamp is one very important item that every company or business in Singapore must have. It is important because it affirms the credibility of a company. It makes company documents more official and authentic. Any official document from a company which lacks a stamp might be considered forged. That is why any document apart from having the signature and the company name, must also have an official rubber stamp. A company stamp in Singapore is a legal requirement for any company or business.

A company stamp can be either round or rectangular and generally contains the company’s details and information. The stamp might also contain information which confirms that a document has been certified or approved and that has been issued by the company in question.

What you need when creating company rubber stamps?

These are the most basic details that any company stamp in Singapore must possess. Firstly, you should have a registered and legitimate company in order to get or create a company stamp.

The following are some of the things you will require to have when making the company stamp:-

1. Company registration number

When designing a rubber stamp, you may decide to engrave or include the company’s registration number on the rubber stamp. In this case, the number is placed at the middle of the rubber stamp. This normally happens with the round company rubber stamps. The registration number helps in distinguishing the company from fake companies that might try to use its name or logo.

2. Company official business name

The company’s name is one of the thing that the rubber stamps must posses. The name identifies the company. The name can be place round the stamp or in the middle of the stamp depending on the design.

3. Company official address

The company address is another thing you will require when creating the rubber stamp. The address can include both the physical address and the postal address. You might as well decide to include one of the addresses.

4. Company telephone number

On the rubber stamp you can also include the company official contact numbers. This is mandatory because it will help in connecting the company to its clients easily.

5. Company official email address

A company stamp in Singapore might also contain the company’s email address, therefore when creating the stamp you will need to have a valid and official company’s email address.

6. Company logo

Every company in Singapore must have an official company logo. The company stamps may also contain the company logo if the company deems it necessary.

7. Certificate of incorporation

A certificate of incorporation is the registration certificate which shows that the company is genuine and fully recognized by the authorities. Most stamp makers will ask for this certificate before they can proceed with the stamp making process. A trade license can also suffice in this case.

8. Other information on official stamps

An official company rubber stamps may also contain the following information:-

  • Confirmed: This affirms that the document has been confirmed by the company and that can be considered as a valid document form the company.
  • Certify true copy: A stamp with these words is used to confirm that the document is a true copy from the company. This type of stamp is mostly used on sensitive company documents such as financial documents.
  • Faxed: Such rubber stamp is mostly used on company documents which are being sent or received by fax.
  • Posted: A rubber stamp with this word is used on document being sent or received through the post office.
  • Emailed: An official stamp with this word is used on documents being received or set through email addresses.

Posted on: April 8, 2014

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