Rubber Stamp Inks VS Blended Inks – Which To Use?

Human curiosity and ambition has been the main source of growth for the longest time and it is natural that more and more options are developed due to these qualities as well. Rubber stamps have always been used together with the standard ink types. But as time passes, more and more ink options are made available for experimentation. Blended inks have been rising in popularity so far but are they more useful than the regular rubber stamp inks? Here’s what to know:

Rubber Stamp Inks VS Blended Inks

Standard rubber stamp inks have been used in official and hobby activities for a long time. Their components are best suited for the user’s needs- waterproof, smear resistant, permanent, and more. Standard rubber stamp inks are designed for optimal rubber stamping purposes. Depending on the nature of the ink, users can use it on a wide assortment of materials with no troubles. If you are looking for reliability, standard rubber stamp inks are the best choice to go for.

Blended inks on the other hand, are inks that come with mixed components. These inks are intentionally blended and mixed with other varieties to formulate different effects based on colour and other properties. You can acquire blended inks through craft stores, professional rubber stamp manufacturers as well as mix it yourself- though the latter is only advised if you have a proper mixing guide and check up on the safety precautions to take.

One good example of blended inks would be Colour box Fluid Chalk Ink. These inks are purchased separately, however they can be blended to create different colours and used together to create different stamped effects. When heat set or embossed, they become permanent and waterproof. With the increased versatility in colour range that can be achieved by blending the inks together, users can make use of this advantage to create more effects and newer customised colours.

Depending on the nature of your business and also requirements, both standard rubber stamp inks and blended inks work fine. The question is whether you’re using it under the right setting- for example if you’re using blended inks as a part of your name card design or other design, that would actually be ideal. However in formal situations, would that be professional and appropriate? If the focus of your business is aesthetic sense, then it is a good tool to use to showcase your creativity. But if it’s for legal documents then certain restraint and tradition may prevail.

Posted on: March 23, 2017

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