Rubber stamp materials – The good and the bad


There are several materials that are used to make rubber stamps. Making a rubber stamp requires one to have several raw materials including wood, brick, and acrylic block, vinyl sheet, carving block, cutter set and rubber.


Good material

Acrylic handles for materials are a better deal to use compared to wood since acrylic cost less than wood mounted blocks. The stamps made from acrylic material typically can be stored in a smaller space compared to wooden stamps.
Among the materials used to make stamps, rubber is considered the best by experts, according to Singapore rubber stamp makers. Rubber is easy to cut and thus has even received the name “easy cut”. The advantage with rubber is that it is easy to work with and is readily available in stores. Rubber also comes in different colors and has the timeless advantage of working with most types of inks without damaging the document.


Photopolymer stamps are getting increasingly common these days. Their popularity is growing due to the fact that the photopolymer can be molded into the required design with ease. All that is needed is liquid photopolymer and a cast of the design. Photopolymer has brought efficiency to businesses and has led to significant progress in the industry.


Bad material


Linoleum is a material used to make stamps in place of rubber. Linoleum is much harder to cut than rubber and thus bears the inconveniences of expense due to the need for special tools. The process of cutting hard linoleum is also time consuming compared to rubber.


Wood cuts can also be used to make stamps, the only drawback is that they are used by artistes due to the high skill level required to design and make them, this does not offer the common convenience of designing and making a rubber stamp with ease without artistic talents.


Gum erasers are commonly used by individuals who wish to create their own custom rubber stamps at home. The gum erasers do not provide a great finish compared to rubber however they still can be used to create stamps.


Potatoes can be used to create impressions on documents. This is however not a lasting solution since the potatoes are bound to go bad at a given point in time. Potatoes can however be used for fun artistic impressions.


Gasket material for plumbing is a form of rubber that is used, however it is difficult to work with. The gasket material is not easy to cut and will not offer a great finished product. Despite being readily available in stores and also being very cheap, the gasket material for plumbing cannot be compared to other better options that can be found with similar ease.


In conclusion, several materials can be used to make rubber stamps, some work well while others will only prove to be a waste of effort and time. Now you know the ones to choose when you want to make quality rubber stamps.

Posted on: September 24, 2015

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