Rubber Stamping With Bleach- Yay or Nay?

cleaning-rubberstampsThe process of rubber stamping with bleach is a new rubber stamp design trend that has been steadily gaining popularity amongst the masses on account of how readily accessible materials are and the designs one can come up with. However, is it really worth a try? Find out if it’s worth a shot here:

Attention Grabber

In terms of aesthetic value, rubber stamping with bleach is like a breath of fresh air- as ironic as that sounds. We are used to seeing rubber stamps leaving coloured patterns on whatever we stamp on. But rubber stamping with bleach on the other hand is an automatic attention grabber because it does the exact opposite. It removes colour from the material you stamped it on, thereby giving you room to experiment with new effects altogether. Certainly a giant advantage here!

Diverse Appearance

Another interesting thing to note is that rubber stamping with bleach has different effects on different paper and colour. For example, paper with longer fibers are likelier to absorb more bleach and form a feathered pattern. The colour pigment in different paper will also react differently with bleach as well. You can even use rubber stamping with bleach as a finished effect, like stamping on top of embossed areas and the like!


You are required to make an ink pad for the bleach- sources have recommended soaking kitchen paper in bleach to create a makeshift inkpad. There is also no way to guarantee an even stamped image without testing out first so in terms of preparation, it may be a little bit more tedious.


Unfortunately, rubber stamping with bleach is not encouraged on a long term basis as it’s hard to tell if it will pose a health risk on individuals. Young children are also discouraged from participating in such as they may be likelier to be exposed to health risks than adults. The quality and kind of bleach used can also be a bit of concern if you are sensitive to it so proper precaution measures should be adhered to. Invest in rubber gloves and wash your rubber stamps thoroughly after you have finished rubber stamping.

Potential Damage

When rubber stamping with bleach, take care not to leave the rubber stamp in bleach for too long as it may damage the rubber of your stamp in the long run. Make sure to wash the rubber stamp well if you are planning to use it on other material to ensure that the bleach is fully washed away. You are also encouraged to use rubber stamps that are not as important to your daily routine as there is no guarantee that the bleach used will not cause the rubber stamp’s condition to deteriorate.

In conclusion: Rubber stamping with bleach is certainly worth a try if you are looking into creating diverse interesting designs. But it is far from recommended for long term usage since health 0808complications can arise. As long as you take the proper precautions, you should be able to safely rubber stamp with bleach!

Posted on: December 15, 2016

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