Rubber Stamping On Candles In 5 Steps

Candle Rubber Stamp

Tired of experimenting around with the same mediums? Try rubber stamps and candles! From a first glance, one would never expect these two seemingly unrelated objects to work well with one another- but it is very possible! Stock up and design rubber stamp designs to personalise your candles today!

Here’s how you can rubber stamp on candles:

  1. Preparation

Before you begin, these necessary preparations have to be made. You will need plain candles, tissue papers, rubber stamps, dye ink (or quick drying ink), a pair of scissors as well as a heat gun or a heat tool that is designed for crafting. Once you have gathered these items, you can begin the process.

  1. Design

Using thin layers of your tissue paper and rubber stamps, stamp the design images onto the tissue paper. Make sure the outlines are dark and colour them in if you are required to do so. Next, making use of the scissors, cut as close to the outline of your stamped image as possible. This is what will be melted onto the candle.

  1. Plan

Assess your candle and take a moment to decide where your designs should go. If you are afraid of losing the placement, you can make little etches along where you want your design to be and refer to that every now and then before setting a new image in.

  1. Heat

Now, place the images onto position. If you need help keeping it in place, try using small amounts of glue. Next, heat the surface of the candle until the surface glistens- this is when the wax is melted, let it soak in. Remove your heat tool immediately once it glistens though, since you want to retain the shape of your candle. Let the candle cool and check if the rubber stamped images are sinking in. If they aren’t, feel free to reheat the surface again.

  1. Decorate

Once done, allow it to cool and survey it again. Once your candle has cooled completely, you are free to design it however you like using different decorative items like glitter gel pens.
You can decorate your rubber stamped candles however you wish, maybe according to seasons or celebrations too! Have fun with the decorating and look at what you can come up with!

Posted on: September 8, 2016

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