Stamp Pens – Are They Worth The Investment?

Stamp Pens Investment

Stamp pens are relatively new products that have been introduced to the rubber stamp market and since their introduction, reception towards these products have only gotten warmer. Stamp pens are essentially a 2 in 1 concept- A self inking rubber stamp as well as a writing tool together at the same time. Sounds convenient but are they really worth the investment? Well, let’s weigh the pros and cons:

  1. Portable

No one wants to take up space by carrying around rubber stamps when they are out and about, especially when there is a possibility of losing them or the likelihood that retrieving them out again during business functions becoming a minor inconvenience. With the stamp pens, this is made easy since there is a metal clip users can take advantage of by clipping it to their pockets or shirt lapels to secure it. Since it comes in the form of a pen, carrying it around is made simpler too.

  1. Uses

Stamp pens are said to be able to sustain up to 1000 impressions- which is a fair amount considering how you can still use the stamp pen for writing purposes. Users can easily switch from pen format to stamp format in a matter of seconds for convenient usage. Refills are fairly simple and easily accessible- they can be bought directly from the manufacturer. As for the pen section, the refills can be bought virtually from any craft store or stationery store.

  1. Customisation

In terms of customisation for stamp pens, opinions are divided. Stamp pens offer a certain flexibility since users can choose between a wide range of colours for the stamp section. Some stamp pens even come with a capacitive stylus for mobile! However, it’s important to note that since they are stamp pens, the amount of customised space is constrained to 2-4 lines for text so prioritise your details carefully.

  1. Cost

Unfortunately, the cost for the manufacturing of stamp pens are a lot more expensive than regular rubber stamps at the moment. With a cost of an estimate between $50 to $60 for one, it can definitely “burn a hole in your pockets”, especially if you are a new start up company. If you have cash to spare, it could be considered. However, if you have to use it for office use, then regular heavy duty rubber stamps are better fitting for that.

  1. Concerns

Stamp pens aren’t recommended to stamp on glossy surfaces as the ink will not dry well. Different manufacturers use different ink components for their stamp pens so if you are buying them from one, make sure to ask what surfaces they are compatible with and any other relevant questions.

Ultimately, stamp pens have their own fair share of advantages and limitations. While their benefits can seem attractive, one must not neglect the fact that it can be rather costly. If you are using it for yourself and not for heavy duty work, then perhaps you can consider investing in one.

Posted on: February 16, 2017

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