The Rubber Stamp and Its History

Rubber stamps are a popular tool used in many offices and by a number of hobbyists and arts enthusiasts. These simple tools of the trade have been around for nearly 150 years and are used for many different tasks, from professional document management, to the fun and whimsical art project creation. With the versatile rubber stamp, the possibilities are endless. These stamps can be used on nearly any kind of material with a plethora of different ink colors to choose from, making each design unique and different from the last.

The History of the Rubber Stamp

Primitive stamps existed way back in India, where men and women used engraved clay and colored pigment to reproduce the prints on their historic stamps. Thanks to the discovery of rubber in the 1700’s, that was all set to change. It wasn’t until 1839 however, nearly 100 years after the discovery of rubber, when the earliest form of the rubber stamp was created by Goodyear. These early stamps made use of formed rubber which was then embedded onto small piece of wood. Many American businesses and brands took the idea and fashioned it into their own, making the rubber stamp a widely available commodity today. These companies developed ways to mass produce and personalize stamps, and even came up with self-inking models which made the ink pad an obsolete innovation of the past. Inks which offered long lasting and permanent pigment were also introduced into the market, making rubber stamps that much more popular today.

The Rubber Stamp Today

These days, rubber stamps are a mainstay in offices and professional business centres, where they serve the purpose of marking important documents. Drafts, finished, and review are only some of the many texts that stamps imprint onto documents to inform others of its status. Professionals also greatly benefit from stamps. Signing mile-high documents can be a chore for any office worker, and that’s why stamps can be customized to bear the name and signature of a person to make the document singing process just that much easier. Stamps are a common tool that can be found in nearly every modern office. No matter how advanced technology might become, rubber stamps are here to stay.

Another great use for stamps is arts and crafts. Because stamps are so highly customizable, many art enthusiasts make use of these simple tools to create stunning images and items that just ooze originality. These days, it’s no challenge to personalize letters, flyers, envelopes, invitation, greeting cards, and numerous other items. Stamps make it possible. Stamp manufacturers offer consumers the ability to design and fashion their own stamps, making the rubber stamp industry a highly profitable business. Nearly everyone needs a stamp, and thanks to the many innovations that have allowed the great personalization options for stamps today, we can enjoy using these humble tools no matter where we might find ourselves. Stamps are a mainstay in any home or office and aren’t expected to go out of style any time soon.

Posted on: December 15, 2015

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