How To: Use Bleach With Rubber Stamps Safely

Bleach rubber stamps

When it comes to crafting, the fact that rubber stamps can be combined with bleach for crafted images has led to quite a stir, including a great deal of people wondering if bleach is safe to use and if there would be health concerns. However, there is actually a good method of using bleach safely together with rubber stamps. Here’s what to know:

Bleach can be an ingredient to use when combined with rubber stamps. However, be sure to

invest in a pair of good gloves, as well as rubber stamp cleaners since you need to effectively remove bleach from your rubber stamps so the rubber section of your rubber stamps can be maintained safely without risk of discolouration or possible damage. As an added recommendation- use fresh bleach and make sure to pour it away after using. Make sure the area is well ventilated when you are using bleach with rubber stamps and be careful, prevent spills as much as possible. You may want to use kitchen rolls or damp cloth on your work surface for added protection.

Darker colours like black bleach more dramatically in general since they are more resistant while lighter colours are bleached into pastel tones. However, primary colours have a tendency to fade after the bleaching process. When it comes to stamping, you want equal distribution and the best method would be to create a “inkpad” for your rubber stamping needs. You can use paper or towel clothing with bleach when using bleach to create a makeshift inkpad. A good mixture for your “inkpad” would be 1 full strength bleach mixture together with 1 and a ½ mix with water. You can alternate between stronger or weaker mixtures depending on what effect you want to create and also what colour intensity your material is.

It’s recommended to experiment with the mixture on scrap paper first before applying to your design. You can choose to also sponge ink over or dab with ink on spots that are bad or unpleasing to create more interesting effects. Bleach stamped images can be embossed after drying if you are feeling particularly adventurous but you can also choose to sponge over the rubber stamps with metallic ink as well for an added shine.

After you finish with your design, make sure to wash your stamp thoroughly with soap and water. Press your rubber stamps against paper towels so that you can dry it out. Just in case, repeat the step with a stamp cleaner and dry it again to completely remove any traces of bleach.

Posted on: May 18, 2017

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