How to use rubber stamps to create eye catching home made cards?

Searching for creative and interesting ways to create unique cards for different occasions? Add fun to your crafting by introducing the use of rubber stamps!

1.Birthday cards

Birthday themed stamps are produced in abundance as the demand for them is rather high. They are available in various shops and a convenient product to purchase as they can be reused multiple times through the year. Ranging from simple ‘Happy Birthday’ typography with various fonts to related images like birthday presents, cakes and the like, birthday themed stamps are an easy way to jazz up your cards.Available in different colours, including traditional black ink, you can also make use of paint or other mediums to add personal touch to the stamped images.

  1. Thank You cards

Add sentiment to your thank you cards by forgoing the usual communication via email and offer a pleasant surprise with home made thank you cards instead.A quick and easy method of creating thank you cards can be to make use of stamps to mass produce- fill spaces with a large stamp and add a touch of elegance by punching a hole and threading it with string or ribbons. You can also choose to include a short but sweet hand written message in the card.

  1. Christmas cards

Christmas- the perfect season to spread cheer amongst others.During Christmas, colours like red and gold are most commonly used in decoration and handicrafts. A good alternative would be to experiment with silver, and white to create a winter wonderland themed card.Simply acquire a black base with white snow patterned stamps to mimic the effect of a snow scape. For effect, you can also consider glitter or sparkly decorations.

  1. Easter themed cards

A common practise during Easter for adults and children alike are to make coloured eggs as well as decorations. This Easter, promote creativity and family interaction by creating fun and unique cards together. Consider making egg shaped cards and using Easter rabbit stamps to decorate them. In addition, you can also create nifty outfits to add on to the stamped images.

  1. Personalised stamps

Add a special touch by using a custom stamp on your cards- be it your name, initials or specially designed images that symbolise you that may just very well earn you a chuckle from a loved one.Rubber stamps- a versatile and convenient method to add variety in your home made cards. Consider purchasing some and explore the different possibilities it gives

Posted on: December 23, 2014

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