Using brayer type rubber stamps what to know


Brayer type rubber stamps are another popular type of rubber stamps that are receiving warm reception within both the local and international markets. For good reason too- their ease of use, costs and simplicity are some of the best qualities these types of rubber stamps bring to the table. If you heard about these stamps and are considering purchasing some to try out, there are some things you have to know about these types of rubber stamps:

Brayer type rubber stamps are typically created and equipped with small hand rollers to allow users better firmer grip. Traditionally used for print making purposes, the brayer type rubber stamps can also be used for other purposes like inking other stamps, producing decorating results, applying ink and other material like paint to surfaces in even distributions and more! Some brayer type rubber stamps are smooth on the surface to accommodate even ink application, whereas others are created with decorative surfaces to create interesting textured effects. If you want to achieve both results, you can consider investing in brayer type rubber stamps that have detachable rollers since they can be replaced/changed at any intervals according to your requirements.

To use a brayer type rubber stamp, you will need an ink pad. Roll your brayer type rubber stamp over the ink pad for even ink absorption. Once you are done, lift your brayer rubber stamp and roll the now inked brayer over the material of your choice or onto another rubber stamp. You can achieve rather interesting effects depending on how you use it too- for example, if you concentrate on a single location, the colour intensity of your inked surface will be vibrant. If you decide to alternate between different areas, or overlap areas with ink, you can create interesting ink blends and shades.

Brayer type rubber stamps can be cleaned like regular rubber stamps. However, make sure to note what kind of ink you have used. If you are using regular rubber stamp inks, you can clean with a blend of soap and water. If you use oil based inks, you will have to use professional rubber stamp cleaners. Leave the brayer rubber stamp to dry and roll over scrap paper a few times to remove stubborn patches of ink.

If you are looking up places to buy brayer type rubber stamps from, you will be happy to know that you can get it just about anywhere. Stop by crafting stores, art and supplies stores, online stores or even hit up some professional rubber stamp designers for high quality designs.

Posted on: September 12, 2017

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