Wearable Craft- Create Your Own Rubber Stamp Jewellery Today


One of the reasons why rubber stamps are widely adored would be for the fact that they could fulfill more than one purpose. There are so many things one can accomplish with their rubber stamps, and crafting is one such use. Did you know that apart from creating gift wrapping, scrapbooks, or labels, that rubber stamps can also be used to create jewellery? Yup- you heard right. Create your own jewellery with rubber stamps today!

You will need rubber stamps, ink pads, paint, marker pens, paper/card stock, varnish, adhesive, scissors, embellishments and photo frame jewellery bases. Blank photo frame jewellery cases are fortunately readily available through multiple sources like craft stores or online etsy/handicraft specific stores.

Things to consider:

Depending on the design you wish to create, different types of rubber stamps would work better for different cases. For example, if your emphasis is on colour, then you want rubber stamps that possess large surface areas that are ideal for colouring, whereas if it’s an image you wish to be the focal point, then the stamped image should be smaller than the photo case frame you are using to create the jewellery from.

To begin with the creation, use your rubber stamps to stamp on the paper or cardstock you are using. For variations in pattern, you can use multiple rubber stamps to create unique designs. Once you are satisfied with your stamped design, leave the material to dry. Depending on the ink you are using, some inks would require gentle heat setting so that the ink completely dries and would not smudge.

You can then add colour to your rubber stamped images through different materials and ink pads. You can also go a step further by adding in the embellishments you wish to add- embossing powder, tiny details like stick on jewels and other material. Arrange in a lay out according to your wishes. Keep everything in place and enhance the colour of your rubber stamp design by applying a layer of clear varnish or resin. This will effectively seal the image design and enable you to trim the design to fit your photo frame jewellery. Tuck the image into the frames snugly and adhere it in.

Once you have done so, you will be free to either add a chain to create necklaces. If you are creating bracelets, you will need to use the scissors to cut bracelet inserts. Make sure you adhere the images to the photo frame and let dry. Once done, apply another layer of varnish or resin to seal.

Posted on: September 26, 2017

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