What are the different shapes commonly used in making rubber stamps in Singapore?

When making rubber stamps for business purposes, it is common to see the standard round shape, rectangular shape as well as an oval shape rubber stamps in Singapore.

A round shaped stamp is usually easier to handle and is efficient in saving space technically as well as physically. Usually, a round shaped stamp is used in the purpose of providing basic information of the company such as the company’s name as well as the company’s registration number. In fact, by using a round stamp, it is pleasing to the eye and can be used in different circumstances except stamping on an envelope or bank cheques.

Company Stamp in Round Shape

There are also other shapes such as rectangle which are generally used for the purpose of providing other information about the company such as address. Since rectangle shaped stamps comes in different sizes, it is also useful in making standard information such as creating fields which are used to make for example everyday requirements of a stock counting.

Company Stamp in Rectangular Shapes 2

Company Stamp in Rectangular Shapes 1

However, these two shapes are only a few among many others. Although these 2 shapes are commonly used in Singapore till today, there are no rules or laws that have ever asked for a specific shape for any purposes. Therefore, depending on each individual, every designers can actually make use of their creativity and create a stamp that fits their purpose.

Nevertheless, do note that common shapes are generally easy to be found as they are readily available in the market and thus, the cost would definitely be much cheaper than a complicated shaped stamp. If anyone has any complicated designs and requires a unique shape size, do consider about the cost as well as the convenience of making these stamps because customized stamps are hard to find and therefore, would be more costly than the common shapes.

Here’s a special tip for everyone when considering the shapes when making a Singapore company stamp. Make sure the stamp impression doesn’t take up too much space on the paper documents when used, important information about the company can be found easily and stamp impression looks neat and tidy.

Posted on: January 29, 2014

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