What are the information to include in company stamps?

When it comes to making company stamps, it is important to know what is the main purpose in making the company stamp.

If you are making a company stamp for contracts signing or publications, notices as well as company invoices, it is be important to have the company name, registration number of the Singapore registered company as it is required under the companies’ Act to have it on those documents. Imagine, you have forgotten to print the company registration number or common known as unique entity number in Singapore, it is non compliant with the companies’ act but because your company stamp contains that unique entity number, it helps the company to fulfill the government’s requirements.


For company stamps made for the purpose of mailing to customers or suppliers, it normally takes form as a rectangular stamp and would typically contains the company name, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, email as well as company website. For this type of company stamp, company name and address is the minimum information to have on the company stamp as in case of a return mail or bounced mail, Singapore Post would be able to refer to the sender’s (which is you) address and return the bounced mail. Having other information like telephone number, fax, email and website address is more for the purpose where customers would be able to find your contact information easily to contact you.

There are also company stamps made for certifying a document is authentic and this type of company stamps should contain the directors’ name as well as the wordings “Certify true and correct”.

There will also be instances where company stamps are made to stamp on the back of the customer’s cheque before depositing into the bank account. Imagine a company receives 20 cheques in a day and the poor staff would be wasting loads of time just to fill in the company information at the back of the cheque before depositing it. So companies can also make one of such company stamp to work more efficiently. Generally, this type of company stamp will include the company name, bank account number so that the bank can deposit the cheque into the right company bank account.┬áThe accountant or accounts department’s contact number should also be part of the company stamp in case if the bank requires clarification or confirmation on certain matters before depositing the cheque into the company’s bank account.


Posted on: January 2, 2014


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