What are the use of rubber stamps in Singapore?

Generally, rubber stamps in Singapore is can be categorized into 3 main types: rubber stamps for business purposes, rubber stamps for children’s play and rubber stamps used by teachers as stamps for rewarding students for their good work.

Rubber stamps for business purposes generally could take form as a round rubber stamp with the company registration number in the centre of the stamp while company name goes round it. Round stamps is easier to bring along during work and in event if the company changes office address, the rubber stamp can still be used unlike a rectangular rubber stamps.rubber stamps singapore

Business purpose rectangular rubber stamps generally contains the company name, address, telephone number as well as website and email. This type of stamp can be used on invoices, envelopes for return mail purposes.

Property agents, credit card agents and insurance agents in Singapore also makes rubber stamps to stamp on their direct mailers, flyers, brochures just to name a few. These type of rubber stamps uses oil-based ink which is waterproof and therefore will stay on brochures of glossy materials.

Rubber stamps can be readily made from stationery shops, printing companies, Rubber stamps maker in Singapore and takes about 1-2 working days to process one.

Some commonly used rubber stamps are readily available in stationery shops islandwide. Examples are self-inking rubber stamps like “Confirmed”, “Faxed”, “Email”, “Posted”, “Faxed and Email” and “Certify True Copy” stamps which are commonly used by Singapore businesses in the daily work and these type of stamps is also cheaper compared to customizing one.

Rubber Stamps StockUsage of the rubber stamps in Singapore can be found in business contracts, invoices, rental agreements, and many other business documents except for title deeds, share certificates which normally will involved the use of a common seal.

Posted on: December 14, 2013

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