What is Signature Stamp (authorize stamp)?

A signature is a person’s name handwritten with the intention of signifying acceptance, approval, authentication or execution of a document. In other words, it is a person’s name written in a distinctive style and form authorizing a check or a document. It implies that the signatory accepts the contents of the document. Signature stamps have replaced the hand-written signatures for authentication and better document security. These stamps are great as they provide a clear, crisp and legible impression of your signature every time. If you are in a position that requires frequent signing of important documents, you can use the signature stamps instead of manually affixing your signature to the documents. Similarly company stamps create the exact business message you want to convey.

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Importance of signature stamps:

Some may think that signature stamps have become obsolete in this technologically advanced world where we are moving towards a paperless society, but it is not so. Signature stamps remain as an indispensable component of many businesses ever since 1900. Yes, they are still highly valued in many companies because they leave a crisp and clear impression time and again. These personalized stamps can be used for a wide array of tasks to make your business more productive. There is no need to rewrite your signature on every piece of important document. All you can do is just stamp and go. With these essential stamps you can drop your pen and save your hand from carpal tunnel. A good quality signature stamp assures that you are never without the important signature when you need them the most.

All about signature stamps:

Advances in the stamp industry have led to the creation of improved quality signature stamps and the inks they use. They are also available in a wide array of sizes, shapes and styles. You can also buy the pre-inked stamps, self-inked stamps, the traditional signature stamps or the recycled ones too. The ink choices are also endless. Laser engraved stamps are also available that assure quality impression. These unique stamps are as sharp as your signature and save a lot of your valuable time and effort. No wonder they are touted as the ultimate time savers.

How to obtain a best signature stamp?

All you have to do is simply sign on a plain piece of white paper. Make sure to use your normal signature size as the stamp makers will resize your signature to perfectly fit the stamp. It is generally recommended not to use ball pens or gel pens. It is best to use felt tip pens to make your signature more legible and distinct. It is also advised not to use fine tipped pens as it will be hard to work on it. You have to scan your signature in a jpg or pdf format and send it to the stamp makers. You can also send your signature to them through fax. Stamps can be ordered and purchased online or in any office supply stores.

Legal issues with regard to use of signature stamps:

These incredible stamps are used in all situations that call for repetitive signing. However the following are some of the legal problems faced in using a signature stamp.

1. Approval or sanction: A person’s signature is a valid proof that he/she has endorsed a service or approved the contents of a document. As it has all the power of a personalized signature it is important that it should be used and stored with utmost care and diligence.

2. Possible problems: Embezzlement is another legal issue on account of misuse of signature stamps. This happens when an employee who is not authorized to use these stamps misuses them.

3. Unapproved usage: It is important that a person who is legally permitted and authorized to use the signature stamps gets a written approval from the person concerned. This is advisable as usage of signature stamps without the person’s consent or approval is considered as a form of fraud.

In a nutshell, signature stamps are important tools for many companies because they not only save time but also add to the value and importance of the document. If you are tired of signing on numerous documents create a high quality replica of your signature on these stamps and leave an indelible impression. Yes, signature stamps are convenient means for repetitive signing.

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Posted on: April 27, 2014

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