What is the difference between self inking rubber stamps and traditional rubber stamps?

You have now decided to make a rubber stamp but when you are searching for information online, you realize that there are many types of rubber stamps available in the market and can;t decide which type of rubber stamps suit your needs better?

Printing companies, rubber stamp makers in Singapore generally refers “rubber stamps” as those traditional stamps with a wooden or plastic handle, and you will need to bring a stamp pad along in order to stamp on documents.

As technology evolves, rubber stamp makers in Singapore most of the time gets orders of other type of rubber stamps commonly referred as self inking rubber stamps or pre-inked rubber stamps. As the name implies, self inking stamps is self-sufficient on its own, without the need to bring along a stamp pad for your business meetings.

It is always cumbersome to bring along a stamp pad in order to use with a traditional rubber stamps and it makes things worse if the stamp pad’s ink is to spill in your bag and dirtying your bag and important documents.

It generally takes about 30 minutes to make a self-inking rubber stamps while a traditional rubber stamps takes about 1 working day to make one.

For traditional rubber stamps, it allows you to use the stamp a variety of colours for the stamp impressions by bringing different colour ink pads along with you. In the case of a self-inking rubber stamps, you can only use the stamp in its original ink colour.

Self-inking Stamps generally uses oil-based ink which is waterproof, and can lasts on glossy materials. Self inking stamps can be re-inked easily as rubber stamp companies sells the ink refills at a low price of $6- $7. Therefore, a self inking stamp can last you for a long period of time, over thousand impressions.

Traditional rubber stamps generally uses water-based ink pad, and can last thousands of impressions comparable to a self-inking stamps.

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Posted on: December 19, 2013

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