What is the heaviest paper weight that we can use the common seal on?

Using 70 gsm (Fig. 1.1)
Using 250 gsm (Fig 1.2)

Common Seal also known as Corporate Seal are used as an affirmation of deal and comes with a level of significant. Where else a signature authorized by any members of the company only signifies as an act that is carried out on behalf of the company and are limited under the law of Agency.

In order to present the significance as well as the importance of that particular document, common seal should be used. However, considering that it is usually important documents, these papers are usually heavier than the usual ones.

Generally, papers from 70gsm – 120gsm is the most applicable for a common seal. Anything that is above 120gsm would probably not work out.


Here’s a small experiment on how it would turn out when common seals are being used in different gsm of papers.

According to the results, Fig. 1.1 and Fig 1.2 it shows an obvious results on how the thickness of the paper would affect the usage of the Common seal.

Posted on: February 21, 2014

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