What to look out for when ordering a rubber stamps or self ink stamps?

There isn’t a specific set of reason on why a stamp is being used or made. Generally, the reason as to why a company stamp is being used instead of writing or typing it out, is to ensure consistency as well as bringing convenience to the user. At times when business are getting hectic and time never showed any form of mercy, a stamp that contains a specific set of information (eg. “Company’s address”) will be incredibly useful in reducing the possibility of making human-errors as well as saving more time as compared to writing or typing it out.


Now that you are convinced in purchasing a stamp, getting the right type of stamp will play a huge factor on whether it will bring out more trouble or bringing more convenience.

Firstly, when ordering a rubber stamp or self inking stamp, consider the time frame that would be required to make a stamp. A self-inking stamp would require less than a quarter of an hour to be ready and about 4 hours for the ink to sink into the stamp. On the other hand, a rubber stamp would require at least 3 working days for it to be done. Therefore, if the stamp is needed urgently, consider using a self inking stamp instead of a rubber stamp.

Secondly, consider the convenience of the stamp. A self inking stamp is easy to use. You just need to open the cover up and imprint it directly onto your respective documents. Simple and fast, isn’t it? However, a rubber stamp would require an extra effort of making sure that there is enough ink on it before you are allowed to imprint it onto your documents. In which case, it would require an extra effort of stamping it into a stamp pad before using it to imprint.

Lastly, consider the colors of the stamp, which is considered to be the most important factor when ordering a stamp. Since stamps can only be made in one primary color and cannot be modified, color is important. Usually, the default color of the stamp would be in blue color since it is generally and widely used in Singapore. However, red and black are also often used and are available in the market. Considering that both colors are less popular as compared to blue, black are usually mistaken as being photocopied and might not be referred to as original. Colors like red would also have a significant meaning in the Chinese culture and using it wrongly even without ill intention may lead to unnecessary trouble.


So, have you considered wisely?

Posted on: February 25, 2014

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