When to use a round stamp, oval and rectangular rubber stamps?

We all know the popular shapes for company stamps normally take form as a round shape or rectangular shape. It is rather rare that we see an oval shape company stamps used in Singapore.


Round company stamps contains limited information such as Singapore company name, company registration and probably the logo. Though round company stamps contain limited company information, round shape stamp is still the most widely used company stamp. It can serve a great deal purposes to be used in employment contracts, business contracts, quotations, sales invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, salary vouchers, payment vouchers, and many more. It is used in circumstances where company affirmation is needed clearly indicating the company name and registration number.

The second most popular stamps will be the rectangular shaped stamps. We use rectangular shaped stamps on most documents that round stamps is also used  for. In addition, it can used as certify true copy stamps or on envelopes for return mail purposes.


Posted on: March 1, 2014

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