Which are the popular colours used in self inking stamps?

For self inking rubber stamps, we have a long list of colors that are being used. Sometimes, these stamps are referred as colored stamps and you just cannot say they are simple self-inking stamps. There are special color ink type for various needs and requirements. You can find self-ink stamps for clubs that required invisible inks and also business stamps that required long lasting inks that should be waterproof as well. However, we are not going to get involved into types of inks used right now. We will be dealing with the popular colors that are used for self-inking stamps. We will cover official stamp colors and other common colors that are used with stamps for other purposes.

Self-Ink Color Stamps
If you need to stamp on documents conveniently, you will need a self-inking stamp which normally uses only 1 or 2 colors. We will be discussing each and every color. These are the available colors:-

Black Color Ink Stamps
This happens to be the one of the popular colors used now but we strongly discourage the use of the black colored ink for rubber stamps. This is because it makes the stamp impression looks like a copy document impression especially when used in conjunction with a signature in black ink.

Red Color Ink Stamps
In case something is urgent, we recommend red stamps. It conveys the message that the news or the message is serious and requires urgent action. Red color is used with urgent stamps, immediate action required stamps, date stamps as well as rejected stamps.

Orange Color Ink Stamps
Orange stamps provoke as well as pretend to be not too harsh. You can go for orange stamps if the stamp message is not being offensive as red color stamps. You will find frequent use of the orange stamps in address stamps, teacher’s stamps and the office’s stamps.

Green Color Ink Stamps
Suppose you want to convey positive response for some reader, in that case you need to use the green stamps. They provide the most instant feeling of acceptance for the readers. They can make any reader happy about the acceptance of their application, research paper etc. The green color is readily used with address stamps, deposit stamps and the date stamps.

Blue Color Ink Stamps
Blue color ink stamps is calming and yet the best color for rubber stamps for all kind of documents. They are naturally neutral in usage and happen to be an attractive alternative for the black colors. They are most frequently used with address stamps, signature stamps, deposit stamps, office stamps as well as teacher stamps.

Purple Color Ink Stamps
Purple color is symbol of royalty and wealth for the English culture and society. It is used for the decorative purposes with all rubber stamps


Posted on: February 4, 2014

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