What is the difference between common seal and rubber stamps?

Singapore Rubber Stamps

Common seal (also known as company seal) is a seal use in the company or firm for major contacts, important documents, and shared certificates. Common seal comes with different types of designs, colors, shapes and sizes and can be customize too. Normally it takes about 3-5 working days to collect the common seal. For more complicated designs, it takes about a week to be done.

The cost of 1 common seal is approximately about $68 and above depending on the types of common seal.

Common seal have a lower and upper die that are pressed together to bring the dies together. It is easy to use and convenience to carry around. Rubber stamps usually comes with a varieties of colors, the most common ink color used by the company is black, blue or red. Black ink is more of photocopied, so it would be better to use blue color ink. It will look more presentable.

Common seal also provides a secure form of authentication of company businesses and transactions.

Singapore Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamp is waterproof and refillable and it is easy to use and can be carry around. Customers do not need to buy or bring ink pad along with them. The cost of one rubber stamp is about $19 and above. Additional company logo or images will be charged approximately about $5 depending on the size of logo and images.

Normally company rubber stamp should include registration number as it represents the company. As some companies tend to have the same name, with the registration number on the rubber stamp, it is better for verification.


Posted on: March 14, 2014

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